NEO will...

Capture Leads, Submit Forms, Send Emails & SMS

Leads are the the lifeblood of every business. Capture more leads for your drip campaigns and other automations

NEO will...

  • Capture leads for quotes, demos, and more

  • Fill out forms for your customers automatically to trigger your custom marketing and followup automations

  • Send out emails, SMS, and drip campaigns

  • if certain criteria is met...  NEO can automatically add tags, follow up, notify you, plus much more!  AUTOMATICALLY!

  • Let NEO handle what is NEXT, so you don't have to!


Find your perfect plan

Generate more leads for your business with Neo



Until Cancelled, Any Time Online 

Setup Your New ChatBot in Minutes. Includes:

  • Neo The 24/7 ChatBot with Chat Widget

  • Trained Custom To Your Business

  • Unlimited Leads and Contacts

  • Unlimited Drag & Drop Automations. Nurture Leads and More

  • Webhooks to Zapier and Pabbly

  • Unlimited Conversations & Training! Connect Your Own OpenAI Account

  • Live Support 7 Days a Week 8am - 8pm EST



Until Cancelled, Any Time Online 

Everything in the Neo Package PLUS:

  • Unlimited ChatBots with Chat Widget

  • Branded App - Custom Domain and Complete Control Over Look & Feel of the Platform

  • Unlimited Sub-Accounts Each With Their Own Login and Chatbot. As Many Client Accounts As You Need For One Price

  • API Access to Integrate With Anything 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Are support and updates included?

YES! We're constantly adding updates for free, and we offer email and chat support. We also have our Facebook group for sharing great ideas. Since we're hosted in the cloud, you don't have to worry about updates. You automatically get the latest and greatest updates.

Who owns the data, content, and subscribers?

You do! All the data, customers, and everything else in your account are 100% yours.

Do I have to download and install any software?

No! Simply login to NEO to create your custom-trained ChatBot online in seconds. Then copy and paste the ChatBot code onto your website.

How does the Bot training work?

Your bot is trained specifically for your website, the files you upload, and the text you enter inside the app. You simply enter your website address or copy and paste some text, and we do the rest.

How do I install the Bot on a website?

Simply copy & paste the AI ChatBot widget on your website. Works on every website, store, and blog.

How do the Automation work with the Bot?

Every time the bot captures a lead or other data that you define, an automation is triggered. Inside this automation, you can use the data the bot collected in the chat to build custom automations and even send the data to tools like Zapier.

Do you integrate with Zapier or Pabbly?

Yes, we can send webhooks to Zapier, Pabbly, and any other service under the sun! But we have a team building a Zapier-type competitor service that will have hundreds of automations built in. So soon you can cancel that subscription!

Can I resell BotNeo to my clients?

Yes, the Unlimited package allows you to create unlimited sub-accounts so each of your clients can have their own chatbot. The best part is you can add your own custom domain and have complete control over look & feel of the backend app.

Do the calendar bookings sync with my calendar?

Yes! Connect your Gmail, Google Workspace, Outlook, or Office365 calendar. Our team is working on a new bot skill so the AI can write appointments directly to your calendar and your meetings are synced across all your devices.

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